How to make sure that a shirt fits?

What good is spending money on clothes if they don’t fit perfectly?

Make sure that your clothes fit correctly, so you boast the best look! We have developed this guide to help you choose the right fit.

Shoulder Seam

The shoulder seam is the most important element of a shirt. Make sure that it sits comfortably at the edge of your shoulder bone.

Cuff Length

Button the shirt and then see where the cuff sits. Ideally, the cuff should end where your hand meets your wrist. If the cuffs cover your wristwatch, the better.

Collar Fit

Make sure you can button the top buttons without any discomfort. There should be space for one finger to comfortably fit between your neck and the collar.

Being able to fit one than one finger means the shirt is a loose fit, and not perfect. Button all the way up and spend some time. If the shirt makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s not the right fit, especially while wearing a tie.

Chest Fit

The buttons around your chest area should button up comfortably, without needing you to hold your breath. Gaps of any kind are a big NO between the buttons, so is excess fabric on the front or sides.

Shirt Length

The shirt’s length should not be more than the back pockets of your pants. Also, the shirt should not hang out excessively while tucked.